Jake Kaufman

How We Drove $23M in Proposals for a Niche Facility Engineering Firm

Moving to a persona-centric integrated marketing model, we’ve driven 67% more proposals – and a 157% increase in proposal value – to our clients in an extremely niche B2B space. Here’s how we did it.

November 8, 2016
Sharon Hurley Hall

How Conversion Rate Optimization Drove a 470% Boost in Conversion Rate for an Online Jewelry Retailer

Here's one example of Adept’s truly strategic approach when tackling conversion rate optimization (CRO) for an online jewelry retailer who had recently launched a brand-new website. 

Sharon Hurley Hall

How Adept Used Digital Marketing to Drive Offline Leads for a Flooring Company

Can digital marketing make a difference for a company built around closing leads offline? It certainly can!

Sharon Hurley Hall

How Adept Landed $6M in Leads for an Engineering Consulting Firm

"Nobody is using the internet to look for business in our industry." It's something Adept hears a lot, especially in specialized business to business (B2B) micro-niches. But often that isn't entirely true.

Sharon Hurley Hall

How Adept Doubled Revenue for an E-commerce Retailer with an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing isn't just a pretty phrase. It's a comprehensive strategy that can make a measurable difference to revenue and customer attention. See how it made all the difference for this eCommerce Retailer.

Sharon Hurley Hall

How Adept Helped a Non-Profit Raise $31,000 in 10 Hours - 7 Steps To Creating an Inspiring Landing Page

Can using best practices for landing page design make a real difference to conversions? You bet it can! That's how Adept helped one non-profit exceed its donation target for a key fundraising campaign in less than 24 hours.

November 6, 2014
Danielle Walton

Worthington, Ohio Dentist Receives 14 New Patient Leads Within 1 Month!

How does a dental office consistently bring in enough new patient leads each month to sustain its practice?

Danielle Walton

Columbus, Ohio Dentist Increases New Patient Leads Substantially!

How does a dental office triple its new patient lead count?

Danielle Walton

Zen Windows Website Design Case Study

How does a small business triple their number of prospective customers without lifting a finger?