Jake Kaufman

How to Win the New and Next Generation of B2B Buyers

Is traditional B2B marketing dead? What does it take to drive leads and opportunities today? And, yes, we’re going to talk about millennials.

Jake Kaufman

11 Conversion-Focused Emails Every Retailer Should Send This Holiday

Last year, for the first time ever, more people shopped online on Black Friday than in stores. Take advantage with a smart segmentation and content strategy.

Anna Crabill

What You Need to Know About iOS 10 Email Changes

Apple’s latest update, iOS 10, introduced big changes to its Mail app that could impact your email marketing strategy. Here’s what to know—and what to do.

Jake Kaufman

5 Segmentation Strategies Retailers Should Test This Holiday

Preparing for the holiday season as an eComm or retail marketer is grueling. Follow these tips to hone in your holiday segmentation strategies.

Justin Spring

Millennial B2B Buyers are on the Rise—6 Ways to Adapt Your Strategy

Millennials are causing new challenges for B2B companies with traditional marketing and sales structures. Here’s how you can adapt.

Gail Sech

7 Simple Steps to Write a Winning B2B Proposal

For many—if not all—B2B businesses, business development can be a lengthy process consisting of numerous steps, from lead generation and initial contact to closing the sale and kicking off the project.

Marisa Forstyk

How to Reduce Spam Form Submissions Without CAPTCHA—and Why it Matters

Dealing with spam form submissions is time consuming and irritating—for everyone. We investigated different CAPTCHA strategies to understand how each influences conversion rates and determined the best approach.

October 3, 2016
Danielle Walton

The Best Productivity Apps on the Market

I am a gigantic fan of to-do lists. I love the enjoyment that comes with checking that box or drawing that line. Early in my career, I had an amazing manager who picked apart how I managed my to-do list. And rightfully so, because mine had some major shortcomings. Her productivity system became my system, and I’ve used it ever since.

Katie Cunningham

How to make Excel Spreadsheets Your Mom would be Proud of

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with Excel when creating spreadsheets? Do you wish you could customize data more quickly and efficiently? Our resident (self-proclaimed) Excel Nerd covers several simple ways to make your reports more exciting and impressive.

September 19, 2016
Jake Kaufman

24 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016 You Should Care About

The 2016 Content Marketing World Conference attracted over 4,000 marketers and more than 550 companies to Cleveland last week. The purpose: campaign for content marketing. The theme: Star Wars. The outcome: endless inspiration. Our Content Director Jake Kaufman discusses 24 takeaways he got from CMWorld 2016.