Justin Spring

The Panera Guy Lesson: Why Rankings Are Irrelevant to SEO in 2016

Are rankings really worth chasing in today’s personalized search experience? Here’s my take on some pretty shoddy, albeit too common, SEO advice.

Dave Ringler

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve with Adept's Code Challenge

Adept is dedicated to keeping our internal dev team up to date with the latest tools and technologies—the goal being to expand our knowledge, and support our projects and clients by staying as far ahead of the curve as possible.

Gail Sech

Our Reaction to Being Named to the Inc. 5000 & Fast 50—in GIFs

We got some big news this week. And we’re reacting in the best way we know how—well played GIFs.

Josh Grashin

3 Big Drivers of PPC Cost & How to Plan for Them Effectively

While competitive, PPC can be a profitable channel. Here’s what influences click costs, and how to plan a profitable strategy accordingly.

Danielle Walton

What Being a Zenefits Customer Taught Us About Agency Sales & Execution

In the past several months, Zenefits has been disrupted by legal action, layoffs, and unsettling changes. With the most recent announcement of a second round of massive layoffs, people are questioning their future even more. As a previous customer of Zenefits, our cofounder Danielle Walton takes a deeper look into what we’ve learned from their self-disruption.

Sara Kear

Is Data Studio by Google the Best Free Data Visualization Product?

Today, data is more important than ever—especially in the marketing world. Many applications will allow you to collect data, but when it comes to interpreting, there may be some roadblocks. We explored Google’s new Data Studio to see what it has to offer in terms of understanding consumer behavior.

Justin Spring

Why Marketing and Sales Teams Should Have Their Own Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Working together to meet company goals can be difficult—especially when internal teams aren’t on the same page. In the new age of marketing, it takes more than just teams doing what they’re supposed to do—it takes alignment across the board—which may require documentation in the form of a Service Level Agreement.

Mollie Wiener

PowerPoint vs. Keynote: Is There Any Real Difference?

In business communication, the presentation is huge. Decisions are made, proposals are won, and shifts in processes are created on the strength of thoughtful presentations. Here’s my look at two of today’s biggest presentation tools: Microsoft PowerPoint vs Apple Keynote.

Josh Grashin

How to Know if Your PPC Program is Working – an Attribution Primer

PPC success hinges on more than a linear click to conversion ratio. In today’s world, it’s learning how to align PPC clicks in a holistic attribution model.

July 12, 2016
Sara Kear

What It Really Takes to Create a Successful Conversion Optimization Process

Conversion optimization isn’t as simple as investing in a tool and running a bunch of tests. Here’s what it really takes to create a conversion optimization process that really works.

July 1, 2016