Dave Ringler

The Tech From Toy Fair 2017 and Your Business

You might be surprised at how technology from Toy Fair 2017 could affect your digital marketing business – from creativity to innovation to user experience. Find out more here!

David Boroi

Is Google Optimize the Best New Solution to Website Testing?

At Adept, we believe design choices should be based on actual performance and user behavior, not gut instinct. We recently tested out Google Optimize, and here’s what we thought.

Ben Gladwell

How Linting Produces Better Code

Writing code free of blunders is nearly impossible. How can a team manage a cumbersome programming language like JavaScript? Find out how we use static analysis to meet our goals at Adept.

Dave Ringler

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve with Adept's Code Challenge

Adept is dedicated to keeping our internal dev team up to date with the latest tools and technologies—the goal being to expand our knowledge, and support our projects and clients by staying as far ahead of the curve as possible.

Dave Ringler

10 Tools we rely on to Increase Productivity, Communication and Collaboration

From competitive research and tech platform evaluation, to proof of concepts and team communication, we’re always trying out new tools on our design and dev team. Check out 10 of our favorites at the moment.

Dave Ringler

Data-Driven Documents and Cinemagraphs: What's on our Web & Interactive Team's Radar?

Our web team consistently vets new and upcoming trends to identify solutions that will help our clients evolve their web experiences and reach new customers. These are a couple ideas that we're currently kicking around amid the web and interactive team.

Ben Gladwell

How to Set Up a Modern WordPress Project on Vagrant

Vagrant allows you to set up individual development environments for each of your projects, mimic your production environment, and keep your projects from interfering with each other. Here's how we set up our Wordpress projects in Vagrant.

Justin Hines

Thinking Outside The Responsive Design Box: Focus on Context Over Device

There’s good reason that so many businesses have decided to adopt a responsive, mobile first design strategy.

Dave Ringler

What Tom Cruise taught me about fixing Website Bugs

Communicating with your development team correctly is the first, middle and last step to effective troubleshooting of your site, application or project.

Ben Gladwell

How Developers Can Improve Our Craft By Listening To Non-Technical People

Developers are notoriously stubborn. Why do we struggle to take advice from non-technical people? Can listening prod us to sharpen our skills and deliver superior experience? I think so.