Gail Sech

Adept by the Numbers: 2016 Year in Review

We’ve gained clients and employees, launched a number of sites, threw some great social events, and sent lots and lots of emails. Join us as we take a look back at how 2016 went!

Jake Kaufman

3 Examples of Really Bad Content Marketing (and How to Avoid Repeating These Mistakes)

In today's world where content is king, how do you make yours stand out so the rest is noise? Here are three instances where content marketing didn't hit the mark, and how to avoid making the same mistakes. 

Danielle Walton

How to Hit Audacious Business Goals in 2017

Ready to tackle your business goals for 2017? Here are seven questions we ask ourselves during our annual goal-setting process.

Justin Spring

Millennial B2B Buyers are on the Rise—6 Ways to Adapt Your Strategy

Millennials are causing new challenges for B2B companies with traditional marketing and sales structures. Here’s how you can adapt.

Danielle Walton

The Best Productivity Apps on the Market

I am a gigantic fan of to-do lists. I love the enjoyment that comes with checking that box or drawing that line. Early in my career, I had an amazing manager who picked apart how I managed my to-do list. And rightfully so, because mine had some major shortcomings. Her productivity system became my system, and I’ve used it ever since.

Jake Kaufman

24 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016 You Should Care About

The 2016 Content Marketing World Conference attracted over 4,000 marketers and more than 550 companies to Cleveland last week. The purpose: campaign for content marketing. The theme: Star Wars. The outcome: endless inspiration. Our Content Director Jake Kaufman discusses 24 takeaways he got from CMWorld 2016.

Justin Spring

Why Marketing and Sales Teams Should Have Their Own Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Working together to meet company goals can be difficult—especially when internal teams aren’t on the same page. In the new age of marketing, it takes more than just teams doing what they’re supposed to do—it takes alignment across the board—which may require documentation in the form of a Service Level Agreement.

Jake Kaufman

47 Compelling Stats that Prove the Evolution of B2B Marketing

Today's B2B buyer is radically different than the traditional linear buyer. As a result, B2B marketers are investing more in marketing budgets to win new business. How are your own efforts in line with the industry trends?

Jake Kaufman

The Future of B2B Marketing: How to Strategically Attract & Engage Leads in a Self-Service Customer Journey

What does it take for B2B marketers to be successful in today’s self-driven, buyer-in-control world? Two things: understanding today’s buyer, and surfacing the right content at the right time with the right call to action. Here’s how to do just that. 

Jake Kaufman

Leveraging Thoughtfulness to Inspire, Win Customers, and Build Loyalty

Marketing, as we used to know it, is on life support. Here’s how thoughtfulness will become the new marketing—and why it matters to you right now.